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Design and Creation of Bridesmaid Dresses

Finally you can have the exact bridesmaid dress you have dreamed of. Just describe the gown to us and we will design the Perfect Fit Pattern for you! You can also have us design the pattern to match the style of your wedding dress.

You can also purchase Satin and Silk yardage at wholesale prices, our buying contracts with fabric manufactures allows us to pass savings on to you. We even have a line of Silk Dupioni for your Gown. Do you have a Gown in mind that you would like patterned? We can take your design, photo or ideas and create a patterned, tested and ready to sew garment. Our patterning service is less expensive than you might think.

Why not be the Designer of your own Wedding Dress or Bridesmaid Gowns. Don't want to sew the gown yourself, we can make it for you, for much less than a store. Pluse, if you find a pattern through us that you like, but can't sew it, we can custom sew the gown for you.

We have over 30 Years experience in the Garment Design, Patterning and Sewing Profession! Let us Custom Design a Pattern for Your Special Gown. Please contact us at

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