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The Original Laceéis™ Corset

Does your wedding dress not quite fit? Make your Wedding Gown more beautiful and adjustable with a lace-up corset back! Made from high quality Matte Bridal Satin available in a variety of colors including White, Ivory, Black, Navy, Cerise and Pink. The Laceeis Corset is easy to sew into your wedding dress; even easier than sewing a zipper!

Make Your Wedding Gown Adjustable!

The lace up back makes your wedding gown adjustable! The pictures show a size 6 wedding dress. One model is a size 4 and one model is a size 10. With the Laceeis Corset system, you can add or take away inches from your wedding dress in a snap! Zippers require a perfect fit and there is no guarantee that your wedding dress will fit on the big day. It is very common for brides to have some weight change just before the wedding. Relieve the stress of your wedding gown not fitting by lacing up your wedding dress!

You can install the Laceeis Corset in minutes in just three easy steps. With a sewing machine and minimal sewing skills the Laceéis™ Corset will give you professional looking results, without having to pay for an expensive tailor.

You can even install our corset without removing the zipper and later remove the corset leaving your Wedding Gown intact! We provide detailed instructions along with a video showing how to sew it in.

How To Order

The kit includes our pre-assembled loop system, matching Lace-ups, matching modesty panel and complete instructions. Corset kits are mailed within 2 business days after receiving payment. Please specify length you would like (usually zipper length) and color with payment.

Payment can be sent through PayPal to
MoneyGram's and Western Union are accepted or a Money Order can be mailed to:

Perfect Fit Patterns
PO Box 352
Meridian, Idaho 83680

Other colors available in regular satin with color matched ribbon in satin, tulle or organza. To see if we have your color; simply send us a sample of your fabric or a snip from an inseam on purchased gowns.

Add Some Color To Your Wedding Gown!

Get creative! If you are wearing a white or ivory wedding gown, you can order the Laceeis Corset in white or ivory to match. Or, you can mix it up a bit and have your lace up match your bridesmaids! We can custom make the Original Laceeis Corset just for you. Choose your color and length, and in just days you can make your gown adjustable. Are you making your Wedding Gown? Install the Laceéis™ Corset and you won't have to worry about whether your dress will fit on the big day. With the Laceéis™ Corset, your Wedding Gown will adjust to you!

We sell our Laceéis™ corset system as a kit that can be used with any pattern or as a zipper replacement. The Laceeis Corset Kit includes our pre-assembled ready to install loop system (you specify length desired up to 22" long), matching lace-ups, matching modesty panel and complete instructions. Other colors available. Optional Czech Fire Formed Crystal Enhancements also available upon request. We ship worldwide.

Laceeis Corset Crystal Option