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About Perfect Fit Patterns

First and foremost, we are Professional Design and Pattern Makers. We have been in business since 1973 in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Our staff of trained professional designers is here to serve you. Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses are our specialty.

All our patterns are custom designed to your measurements. All of our patterns, whether wedding or bridesmaid dresses, are proven designs. We design the garment and then test it in various sizes on live models to make sure the quality is the best on the market.


Why should I buy my wedding dress pattern from Perfect Fit Patterns ™, rather than my local fabric shop?

Many commercial patterns are designed from a drawn rendering on the pattern envelope. This means that the pattern may not have been sewn and tested. In addition, you also have to choose your wedding dress from a small selection of outdated patterns. With Perfect Fit Patterns™ you choose the style and the length of your wedding dress and we create the pattern exactly as you want it. We even custom fit the dress pattern to your measurements so that the dress is sure to fit. Our dress patterns are complete, comprehensive and we supply detailed instructions for sewing your gown.

Where can I find the fabric to make my own wedding dress?

You can choose from our wide collection of fabrics and trim. We even offer a Materials Kit with everything you need to sew your gown, from color matched thread to fine Satin and Silks. Everything you need to make your perfect wedding gown is included in the Kit - your choice of satin or silk fabric, interfacing, lining, color matched thread, boning, snaps, invisible zipper or our Exclusive Laceéis™ Corset Back.

I have a wedding dress I would like to wear, but it doesn't fit. What would you suggest?

Our Laceeis Corset is a great option. You don't have to take out the zipper in your existing gown, just sew the Laceeis Corset right over the zipper! CLICK HERE to see more information about this great option.

I know the wedding dress style I want, but I cant find a picture of exactly the right dress. Do I have to draw it for you to design it?

You don't have to be an artist to design your own wedding dress. We have a lot of customers that email us bits and pieces; this skirt, with this bodice; these sleeves with this lace. We can also design the wedding dress pattern from even the simplest sketch. We can take your design, photo or ideas and create a patterned, tested and ready to sew garment. Our patterning service is less expensive than you might think.

I want to design my own wedding dress, but I cant sew. What should I do?

Cant sew? No problem! We can make it for you, for still much less than purchasing your gown from a local bridal shop. You can still specify exactly the wedding dress you want, and pick out the fabric and color. Then we will make the gown for you.

Please feel free to EMAIL US with any questions or to get started on your wedding dress design. We have over 30 Years experience in Garment Design, Patterning and Tailoring! Let us custom design a pattern for your special day!

Please contact our customer service specialist Karen at